90 km2 di esperienze

Exploitation and promotion of the territory of Gorizia through the system of new tourist itineraries

Gorizia, 2012-2014

Client: Associazione GotoECO

Credits: G. Bassi, C. Borghi, L. Del Piccolo, M. D’Oria, N. Gaglioti, A. Pauletich, A. Savron

This project proposes a new way of visiting the territory of Gorizia, based on direct experiences of the residents of 10 municipalities covering a total area of 90 km2 extending from the Carso to the sea. The name derives from the geographical data of the project that led to the creation of the multi-guide "90Km2 di esperienze" (90Km2 experiences).

The aim of the project is to describe and promote the territory in a simple way, old, established and efficient as only the word of mouth can be. Thus, routes that the multi-guide collects were "gifted" by the local people through their very personal life experience; we called them "storyteller".

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