spazi e punteggiature

Redevelopment of the exhibition area in San Giorgio delle Pertiche

San Giorgio delle Pertiche, 2018

Clients: comune di San Giorgio delle Pertiche 

Credits: Sinergo spa (impianti), Bosso&Rota Consulenze geologiche (indagini geologiche)

The area is like a blank page inside a book. Some details, minuscule if related to the size of this page, however, suggest that episodes happen.

Once a year, for just three days, a fair is organized here that attracts millions of spectators who come from all over the region and beyond.

With the redevelopment project of the ‘Prà fair area, we worked on defining a balance between the words already written by designing the spaces between them and a new punctuation.

Using "flag" formatting and certainly not "package" formatting, we made each word tell a story and created a dialogue between groups of letters.

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