bosco bolderate

Environmental restoration of the Chiamana and darsena area along the Zelina River

Carlino, 2013

Clients: comune di Carlino 

Credits: DD&M architetti associati (co-progettisti)

The objective need to rehabilitate flooded forest areas enhances the use of the archaeological site of the "Fornaci of Chiamana" (Chiamana Furnace), becomes the theme for a sizeable natural reserve where we welcome new presence and develop ecotourism. In Bosco Bolderate (Bolderate wood) archaeology merges with the marsh and pond environment becoming the memory of the old clay pits, constituting, at the same time, a biotope of great charm and poetry, but also of high nature value. The bend of the Zelina River overlooking the area has a natural vocation for pleasure boating, that the project develops with the creation of a new environmentally friendly river port.

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