bosco orsenigo

Renaturalization of Orsenigo's woods

Treviso 2015

Client: private

Credits: Seingim global service srl

The intervention area is located in the Municipality of Treviso, in the north-western suburb of the city. The context in which the lot is inserted is characterized by the strong presence of agricultural settlements and is flanked by a low-density residential area and a commercial area.

The project stems from the desire to restore citizenship to land that has undergone a progressive impoverishment process since the 1960s due to the inclusion of a landfill. The redevelopment process of the site is entrusted to nature, which takes the form of the forest on the site. The texture of the surrounding landscape and the system of cultivated fields are reinterpreted and inserted within the site, forming the warping on which all the project elements are inserted. Two hypotheses are proposed in this phase: the first involves keeping the energy park and the forest separate; the second plans to integrate these two areas and consequently to extend the plot of the forest to the surface occupied by the energy park.

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