ciclabile laghetti di dobbia

Cycling route connecting the Ronchi dei Legionari intermodal pole and the Fvg2 Cyclewaydi 

Ronchi dei Legionari, 2018

Client: comune di Ronchi dei Legionari

Credits: Bosso&Rota Consulenze Geologiche (indagini geologiche), archeol. Giulia Mian, Smart Progetti (impianto illuminotecnico)

The intervention falls within the cycle route called FVG2 and it is in the municipality of Ronchi dei Legionari. The area involved in the project is located near the "Dobbia lakes" and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia airport. The service concerned the redevelopment of a bicycle path through the construction of the new cycle-pedestrian sections, the creation of rest areas and the insertion of new furnishings and horizontal and vertical signs.

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