piazza nember

Urban redevelopment of Nember Square

Jesolo Lido, 2010-2011

Clients: comune di Jesolo

Credits: Valeri.Zoia architetti associati (co-progettisti) 

dott. R. Barbetta (studio ambientale), Studio Associato Ingegneria BI.EFFE (strutture fondazionali), Smart progetti (impianto illuminotecnico)

Photographs: © Stradivarie architetti associati,

© Valeri.Zoia architetti associati

Infrastructure or public space? Roundabout or square? The intervention consists in an operation of re-styling with the objective of transforming the
functional space of a roundabout, in a real public space, increasing
the green area and reducing the driveway space as much as possible. The cycle and footpaths that cross the square and connect Via Dei Mille with Via Verdi, the central square characterized by mild “camber grading” of the land and the chair-sculptures, as well as bicycle rack games characterize this space allowing the pedestrian to stop, play and discuss, in the shadow of the majestic holm oak.

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