a ca de ni atri

Proposal for the design of the wayfinding system inside and outside the GREAT Campus – Genoa Technology Science Park

Genova, 2017

Client: Genova High Tech S.p.A.

If the scientific and technological centers are usually introverted workplaces, disconnected from the city context and with no relation to the social fabric, the design proposal intends, on the contrary, to make them "habitable", bringing the Genoese themselves to the Great Campus through the activation of a participatory and communication process, through the activation of bonds.

The GREAT Campus - Technological Park of Genoa already has its own brand identity and its excessive declination, in the individual buildings of the complex, would risk making the image of the "ARCO" lose its strength and importance. The latter becomes the eye with which to capture Genoa, in its singularities inherent in the interior: the interiors of the houses of the inhabitants of Genoa will become the starting point from which to draw shapes and colors for the customization of buildings and public spaces. A modular personalization system is thus outlined that can activate a territorial marketing process between the great campus and the Genoese: they will be asked to "donate" a portion of their home, each building and public space of the Great Campus will be personalized, through an abstraction process, like the interior of a house.