adb multiplatform

Harmonization of customs procedures under the WP4 design component "Architettura TIC of the Adriatic multi-modal platform - Danube - Black Sea (ADB)"  


Committente: Regione Veneto

Crediti: avv. D. Maresca (procedure amministrative doganali), arch. M. De Paoli, arch. G. Sponza


Preparation of a master plan in order to identify new lines of freight from Trieste to the Black Sea using the rail transport and inland waterways resources. The project saw the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia as lead partner and involved 43 institutions and organizations on the territory from 13 different countries such as Veneto, Puglia, the Croatian County Primorje-Gorski Kotar, the Port Authority of Trieste, Venice, Koper and Rijeka, Alpe Adria Spa and the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The master plan led to the identification of several "pilot routes" to create a more efficient and competitive Central and Southern Europe transport network conforming to the European Union standards.

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