conversazione tra pattern e ornamento

Urban redevelopment of the old rural village of Corona

Corona, Mariano del Friuli, 2020

Client: comune di Mariano del Friuli

Much has been discussed and written in architecture about ornament as well as about patterns.

With the renewal of Borgo Corona we wanted to start a conversation between both of them.

Conceiving the patterns as the starting point of the project was an opportunity to read and interpret the landscape while thinking about the organizational structure that blends with the reflection of society (Owen Jones – the grammar of the ornament).

Ending designing with the ornament has meant, then, defining the backbone of the urban center to reveal the opportunity to compose new areas as well as illustrate ways of staying in the public space, sometimes also suggesting new possible events.

Patterns and ornaments were both right: they helped to define a project capable of protecting and at the same time showing the rural tradition of Borgo Corona.

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