bosco delle lame

Realization of a pedestrian path and a walkway in the Foresta delle Lame

Concordia Sagittaria (VE), 2018-2019

Services provided:

Planning - Geology services

Client: comune di Concordia Sagittaria

Credits: eng. Sandro D'Agostini (structure)

The toponym that gives the title to this project generates curiosity for its strangeness. The term "lama" identifies that part of the territory falling within a marshy area, where the flood waters find their way out, and then withdraw very slowly. These are constantly changing landscapes, some traces of which can still be read, but which today make way for recently cultivated land and woods, which have given rise to a valuable environmental area along the so-called canal Lame.

Within this context is the cycle path project that develops first in the woods, respecting its layout and adapting its path to the pre-existing trees, and then develops on the edge of the pre-existing crops by connecting parts of the territory that will be put in communication through the construction of a cycle-pedestrian walkway crossing the canal. Inserts of colored draining concrete, provided along the path in stabilized granular mix, will emphasize the approach to significant points, whether they are areas of natural value.

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