centro di riuso

Architectural design and landscape insertion of the new reuse centre

Basaldella, 2017

Client: comune di Campoformido

Credits: ing. Fabio Marassi (strutture), EN.AR.Plan. srl (assistenza direzione lavori)

The reuse centre is an innovative place intended to accommodate a continuous passage of objects. The project involved the separation of the main functions, namely: reception, verification and display of the goods.

The first artifact houses the storage and display of the goods and is a cube of 7.30 meters on each side. It is conceived with a free plan in order to guarantee a flexible and dynamic organization of the exhibition space and whose flexibility is reflected in the same elevations which, thanks to the use of mobile perimeter panels, are completely openable. The second and third artifacts, which will be made later, will be stripped of the infill. In the first, the control functions will find space and in the second, all the materials to be reused will be collected.

The external space has been created with a stabilized lime and cement flooring, contrasting very decisively with the neighboring surface, occupied by a grassy surface. This, through a complex morphological composition, is designed to reach different altitudes and to delineate, near the pre-existing row of mulberry trees, a ditch which corresponds to a draining trench into which rainwater is conveyed.

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