ciclovia fvg5 

Realization of the FVG5 cycle route and interconnected routes

Gorizia, Cormons, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Villesse, Romans d’Isonzo, Mossa, Farra d'Isonzo, 2018

Client: Unione Territoriale Intercomunale Collio Alto Isonzo


The aim of the project was to develop a cycle network of tourist interest that will travel the territory within the municipalities belonging to the UTI Collio Alto-Isontino by studying the backbone of the new cycling system, the FVG 5 cycle route of the Isonzo.

The new cycle paths aim to connect different naturalistic areas (the Collio, the plains of the Upper Isonzo, the Isonzo and the Karst), completing the network of cycle paths of regional interest and overcoming the breakdowns identified by the large infrastructures , as well as connecting to the other important regional cycle routes (FVG 1 Alpe Adria cycle path).

The project saw the involvement of all stakeholders from the start, an operation that allowed for the development of forecasts that were already shared in view of the subsequent definitive phase.

The choice of suitable routes to host the new cycle network, as well as having to respond to technical-functional characteristics, was guided by the desire to establish strong visual and perceptual relationships between the cyclist and the contexts crossed, whether they are of environmental or architectural value of the urban fabrics crossed.

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