Identification, enhancement and promotion of cycling tourism routes within the "CroCTaL" project - cross-border cooperation programme ITA-SLO 2007-2013

Gorizia, Udine, Ferrara, Padova;

Slovenia, 2014

Client: Provincia di Gorizia

Credits: FIAB (collaborazione per la verifica e attendibilità degli itinerari ciclabili)

Photographs: © Gianna Omenetto

The project yielded two cycling guides. The first contains seven cycling routes through the most picturesque areas of Gorizia province and the Goriška Region aiming to promote, for cyclists, the Carso and the Collio of Gorizia, the Isonzo plain and Grado lagoon. The second, in addition to presenting the European project, collects eleven bicycle touring routes developing in the province of Ferrara, Padova, Udine, Gorizia and in seven municipalities in Slovenia.

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