diario di famiglia

Construction of a new detached family house with private garden

Corno di Rosazzo (UD), 2013-2016

Service provided:

Planning - Work supervision

Client: private

Credits: arch. Liliana Bruni (static testing), eng. Giuseppe Carniello (structural project), arch. Stefano Forte (safety coordination during the executive phase)

Photo credits: © Gianna Omenetto, © Stradivarie Architetti Associati

The design of the project was set following a central axis that links the internal spaces to the external ones until reaching the Corno di Rosazzo Abbey.

This feature is underlined by the presence of an equipped wall that develops both inside the house and in the garden, keeping the modular characteristics unchanged. This axis ends in a focal point, visible from inside the house, where several shading arboreal and shrubby essences have been positioned and where a blade of water has been inserted. From the central axis, the different paths unfold that cut the turf and lead to the vegetable garden, the isolated tree and the garden of forgotten fruits, in which indigenous arboreal species have been planted which are now not widespread. In the lawn areas there are two turf areas: in the adjacent one the house was chosen for a "lawn" mixture while in the others a mixture was chosen for "perennial flowery lawn".

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