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Concorso di progettazione - rigenerazione urbana sostenibile

Bologna, 2020

Auctioneer: Agenzia del demanio. Direzione Regionale Emilia Romagna U.O. Servizi Tecnici

Credits: FG architetti, Binario Lab, HEG srl

The masterplan aims to integrate with the aesthetic - functional and technical characteristics shaped by the marked sustainability of the intervention. The new service center is embedded in a multifunctional plate divided into different areas. In creating these, it was decided to maximize permeable surfaces by creating grassy embankments which, if on the one hand allow the precise definition of a public use area, on the other they lend themselves to a rest and recreation area. In contrast to the new building we thought of a highly natural wooded circular area - an ecological "hot spot", which binds with the other forest systems to create an ecological corridor made up of different "stepping stones". The other areas of the multifunctional plate, in relation to the first area of ​​intervention, see the use of paved areas that lend themselves to various uses, including the development of the market.

In the residential areas, an urban park has been designed with water bodies, community orchards, lawn areas, rest areas, playgrounds and urban gardens. Each area was designed to have aggregative and relational purposes, aimed at the conception of a park of high sharing and sociability and takes on different functions, such as the fountain which, obtained from the mere inclination of the pavement, uses purified rainwater and acts at the same time as rolling tank during stormy events.