ex centrale del latte

Urban redevelopment and environmental restoration of the former Dairy Factory area for the construction of an urban park and the renovation of a historic building - 2nd lot

Vicenza (VI),  2017

Services provided: Planning - Work supervision - Participatory process

Client: comune di Vicenza

Credits: studio Macola , Sinergo Spa

The intervention concerns a former municipal owned production site (former Vicenza milk factory), located near the old city in the North - western area of Vicenza.

The project involves the construction of a civic centre, a public park that will host an event square, new cycle and pedestrian paths, a panoramic terrace and a parking lot.

The traces of the former milk factory are recomposed and re-thought, leaving room for areas treated with different types of plant essences which, put in a system with the functional program, determine the different areas of the park. All the elements that make up the public park start from the idea of ​​taking up the centuries of history of the art of the gardens that follow one another through the streets of Vicenza centre, a town where the tradition of the historic garden takes shape in an immense botanical heritage. In this way, the public park is made up of a series of elements which, like citations, incorporate the main material elements that characterize some of the historic gardens of Vicenza and, through reinterpretations, define the design of the ground.