parco di faro valle dolce

Environmental restoration of SPAs/SCIs areas with the implementation of green spaces, gardens and public leisure facilities for a residential and tourist residence

Cavallino-Treporti (VE), 2010-2015

Services provided: Planning

Client: Hapimag Italia Srl

Credits: Studio Associato Ingegneria BI.EFFE (general coordination), Seingim global service s.r.l (system), Valeri.Zoia architetti associati (building design)

Photographs: www.hapimag.com

Environmental restoration of nature conservation areas ( SPA Special Protection Area/ SCI Site of Communuity Importance) and creation of a park for a new residential and tourist area. The project suggests an innovative configuration of the outdoor spaces both as a support to the building project and as an act of environmental compensation and landscaping.

The general strategy aims to blend hamoniously new public green areas and leisure facilities, with the restoration of the precious dune systems and the coastal vegetation, according to the nature's climax.

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