giardino degli eroi folli

Construction of a temporary garden on the theme of "Fantasie vegetali" for the fifth garden festival 

Pordenone, 2016

Client: Pordenone Fiere

Credits: Adriastrade s.r.l, Azienda Agricola Vivai Salvadoretti, Emporio Agrario di Melchior Giovanni, Piller Roner Costruzioni, Societa’ Agricola Cimarosa Di Rizzato Gaetano & C. Snc

Photographs: © Gianna Omenetto

The project "garden of crazy heroes", which draws inspiration from the book "Men who love plants" by Stefano Mancuso, wants to tell you stories of life, curiosities, experiments and studies of some heroes. Heroes who, thanks to their "madness", had the courage, strength and intelligence to see new things by turning their eyes upside down and interpreting them as "extraordinary manifestations of life". Six characters have been chosen, each of whom is part of our garden.

Each room tells the story of a hero and how he observed and investigated the plant world with respect and love. Just as Carver, Vavilov, Bull, Mendel, Rousseau and Blackley, loving plants, have decided to measure themselves with the laws of nature by anticipating something and changing the rules of the world, we hope that our garden can become a place where it is pleasant to be, to stop ... in a disordered desire for knowledge.

“I'm crazy about botany: it's worse every day. I no longer have only straw in my head, I will become a plant myself one of these mornings, I am already taking root in Motiers ”.

Jean- Jacques Rousseau.

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