Qualification of the cycle route along the Lemene River through the realization of environmental signage

Gruaro, Portogruaro, Concordia Sagittaria, Caorle, 2014-2015

Client: Comune di Portogruaro 

Credits: arch. M. Zanetti, R. Sandron (redazione contenuti a carattere storico), M. Zanetti (redazione contenuti a carattere paesaggistico e ambientale),

arch. Michelangelo Zanetti (co-progettista)

Photographs:© Stradivarie architetti associati

The project, through the creation of a recognizable informative route signposting and the construction of new parking areas, aims to highlight the paths and detours in the artistic, cultural, landscape context crossed by the GiraLemene (RoundLemene), or else the cycle footpath that develops along the river Lemene.

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