Urban regeneration and environmental restoration of the former Agricultural Consortium area.

Rivignano Teor, 2020

Committente: Unione Territoriale Intercomunale della Riviera - Bassa Friulana - comune di Rivignano - Teor

Crediti: Corde Architetti Associati (co-progettisti)

The redevelopment project of the former agricultural consortium area begins with the desire to protect the heritage inside.

For this reason, even before the different design phases, it became necessary to observe three transformation scenarios, knowing that we must deal with time and, at the same time, place hopes on the materials, structural elements and architectures present.

The design of the open space is inspired by the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (written in these places) and it generates a complex stability to revitalize even a part of the building heritage present.

The silos inside, as well as part of the buildings are inspired by pop art. Completely defunctionalized, the silos become the Juliet and Romeo terrace.

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