una montagna d'acque!

Marketing plan for the promotion of tourism and the enhancement of the Carnic territory

UTI Carnia, 2018-19

Client: Unione Territoriale Intercomunale della Carnia 

Credits: geologo Gianni Lenarduzzi (indagini geologiche), sociologa Elisa Polo, dott. Forestale Fabio Troiero


The purpose of this work is to create a plan for the enhancement and promotion, in a tourist key, of the water landscape of the entire Carnic territory, through the drafting of an integrated sector plan that includes different disciplines, such as: environmental requalification and landscaping, tourist planning and communication. The goal we have been asked to achieve with this broad and broad-based work is as ambitious as it is relevant for a territory such as Carnia, which is why we deemed it necessary to proceed, concurrently with the drafting of the plan, also with the organization of engagement activities aimed at recreating a shared and aware local identity on this issue.

Water in Carnia cannot be seen and told as a single element but must be perceived in its diversity of shapes, sizes, colors, strength and sounds (the gurgling of the fountain, the strength of the stream, the silence of the lake). The choice of the name of the Plan, "A Mountain of Waters" has the aim of emphasizing this plurality of experiences and places in order to make Carnia known not only for its mountains but also for the great heritage of waters present.

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