parco degli orbi

Chiaradone Square and Orbi's Park refurbishment - 2nd lot

Muzzana del Turgnano (UD), 2018

Services provided: Planning - Work supervision - Safety coordination - Geology services

Client: comune di Muzzana del Turgnano 

Crediti: arch. Cristiana Gambon

The design service is included as a second batch to complete a project which at the preliminary level was overall. The strategy used is aimed at giving continuity with the choices made in the first lot, thus guaranteeing an organic project.

The intervention involved the continuation of the concrete path, the construction of flower beds characterized by compositions of grasses and perennial herbs, the creation of a square where there are seats and a satin fountain, as well as the creation of a space for play with an unconventional design. Inside the park, to evoke the history of the "orbi" of Muzzana, we decided to insert a cubic construction with a mirror coating, an element of ‘land art’ but functional to the park's activities, able to reflect the surrounding space by creating suggestive games of reflexes. The park also includes the space behind the villa through the creation of a platform that on one side serves as an area outside the library and on the other takes on the role of a stage for concerts and shows.

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