pedibus giotti

Designing safe pedestrian path signage home – school

Trieste, 2009-2011

Client: Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia

Credits: prof.ssa A. Marin (progettazione partecipata), U.I.S.P., dott. arch. A. Treleani

Photographs: © Gianna Omenetto, © Stradivarie architetti associati

The project involves the identification of a safe route and its requalification through the chromatic characterization of walking surfaces and a specific study on road horizontal signpost. The entire design process was organized in four phases: "paintbrush", "inSecurity", "go to school while having fun!" and “pubbliCITTA'" (word obtained by "public" and "city" but with the Italian meaning of advertising) each featuring four progressive levels of construction of the street space, and the definition and stratification of these safe routes dedicated to the most "vulnerable" subjects.

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