pedibus Opicina

Design of Opicina pedibus signage - safe walk-in paths house – school

Trieste, 2016

Client: comune di Trieste

Credits: prof.ssa A. Marin (progettazione partecipata), U.I.S.P. (progettazione partecipata)

The aim of the project is to make access to the Fratelli Fonda Savio Recreational Area in Opicina as safe and easy as possible through the implementation of minimal structural interventions, inspired by the principles of traffic moderation and the protection and recognition of the routes used by children -pedoni. The work was shared and developed within some educational workshops that involved the children attending the recreation.

The final route was designed as a single line of this particular "urban transport", characterized in particular by the presence of numerous natural emergencies and for this reason nicknamed "Pedibus Dolina". The route is characterized by green signs, easily recognizable both by pedestrians who must use it to move around the area, and for motorists, for whom it represents a bollard and an element of attention.

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