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Urban redevelopment of Motta Square and contermines areas

Pordenone (PN), 2018-2019

Service provided: Planning - Work supervision- Safety coordination

Client: comune di Pordenone

Credits: Sinergo Spa (systems), Bosso&Rota Consulenze Geologiche (geology analyses)

The project involves the redevelopment of Motta square, in Pordenone and related areas (Ospedale Vecchio square, Donatore square, Molini street, Silenzio street, Molino street and the area of ​​the Roggia dei Molini). The aim of the intervention is to restore these places to the role of public space for sociality and culture.

All areas were treated as cultural hubs, expanding and integrating them with the building structures and the functions connected to them.

In Motta square, a fountain will be created: a thin body of water which, at a specific moment of the day, will change the configuration of the space, becoming the engine of ever-changing situations. The location of the fountain has been studied, moreover, it is necessary to consider the edges and the new trees of the square. The furnishing and lighting elements become scenic and functional elements serve to embellish the areas. We wanted to pursue a minimal attitude that however nothing wants to remove from the wealth of the evocations.