prospettive quotidiane

Urban redevelopment of Piazzale del Lavoro

Grado (GO) - Isola della Schiusa, 2018-2019

Services provided:

Planning - Work supervision

Client: Comune di Grado

Creditis:  eng. Sandro D'Agostini (systems)

In this work the genesis of its geometries derives from its current intended use. The landscape project, by its definition, consists of a stratification of past events. Each new intervention is inextricably linked with what first characterizes a given area. Based on this concept, the new Lavoro square in Grado is structured based on a standard module that incorporates the dimensions of a car stall.

The area is divided into two sections: the park square and the parking lot. Compared to the original version, the car park is redefined and reduced. The area of ​​the park-square, on the other hand, is characterized by a modular composition that sees the mix of "paved tiles" and "natural tiles", the latter articulated and designed to host trees, perennial herbs, grasses, lawn surfaces and shrub meadows.

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