Urban Flower Plan

Lignano Sabbiadoro, 2019

Client: comune di Lignano Sabbiadoro


The plan of flowers is configured as an ambitious proposal that aims to strengthen the identity of a city through the rearrangement of its green marginal areas. The green road, represented by avenues and roundabouts, is often ignored or underestimated, even if these limit spaces have become increasingly central.

From this concept was born the proposal to transform green road spaces into flowery areas capable of surprising and identifying a place. The essences chosen for the city of Lignano are different from each other but unitary for some characteristics. Lignano Sabbiadoro, Pineta and Riviera are different and therefore the selected plants are different for each of the locations, but at the same time, the different plants are part of a common plant matrix that allows you to understand how the three locations are part of a single municipality.

The green together with artificial elements such as small installations or evocative sculptures of the sea, are able to unite and enhance the entire municipal area. An ambitious project that we have decided not to conclude because we believe in what we do!

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