put pasian di prato

Update of the Urban Traffic Plan of the Municipality of Pasian of Prato

Pasian di Prato, 2018

Client: comune di Pasian di Prato 

Credits:  TPS associazione professionale


Pasian di Prato, despite being a small municipality, falls within the scope of large ecological environmental networks. In fact, in the municipal territory there are particularly relevant naturalistic emergencies, such as the Urban Park of Biotopes and Stable Meadows, as well as having modest sized urban parks in the center of each municipal hamlet.

The Urban Traffic Plan intends to give strength to the identity of Pasian di Prato ("city of greenery and cycle paths") by proposing a strategy for reconnecting the system of city-pedestrian routes in order to create a network of slow mobility in able to mend the connections between the various attractors in the municipal area (schools, churches, parks, sports equipment, leisure centers, squares etc ...). Specifically, the strategy adopted is to create two cycle rings: the "BioLoop", ie an external cycle ring that intercepts the polarities related to sport and leisure, the landscapes and the naturalistic emergencies of the area; and "l'AbitâtLoop", which provides for the creation of rings inside the inhabited centers in order to guarantee the cycle connection for daily commute.

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