Extraordinary maintenance work inside and outside the Aurisina Mental Health Center for adaptation to the R.E.M.S.

Duino-Aurisina (TS), 2016-2017

Services provided: Planning

Client: Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata di Trieste

Credits: Bosso&Rota Consulenze Geologiche (geological analyses), ing. Fabio Marassi (structures), Smart Progetti (lighting system), Ing. Alberto Toso (impianti)

The peculiarity of this restoration is its profound social implication. The structure, dating back to the early 1800s, it is now a Mental Health Centre and the Residence for the Implementation of Security Measures.

The design of the internal and external spaces could not ignore the needs and requirements imposed for compliance with current legislation, but it was an opportunity for research and experience for the study. If on one hand there was the will that they would provide support to the path of reintegration of people, on the other hand we wanted to treat the garden as a space intended to host events and activities that recall citizenship, avoiding the concrete possibility of relegating the structure. In the garden there are small botanical paths, flower beds cultivated with aromatic plants, spaces for theatrical performances and for conviviality. In the garden there is also a small architecture with simple volumes which in its main lines is destined to become the winter garden.

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