sperimentazione casa - lavoro in bicicletta

Pilot project for moving bike transfer home - work 

Buttrio, Moimacco, Premariacco, 2016

Client: comune di Buttrio, comune di Moimacco, comune di Premariacco.

Credits: En.Ar.Plan srl (co-progettisti)


The study, consisting of a phase of urban planning analysis, both on a regional, provincial and inter-municipal scale, led to the identification of the critical issues present in the municipalities of Premariacco, Moimacco, Buttrio with the aim of creating new cycle connections. The feasibility study also consists of indications aimed at identifying the interventions (in order of priority) which have been weighted and verified by carrying out economic and environmental and technical - procedural feasibility assessments. The aim of the work is to develop a replicable model for the transfer of home-work routes to the three municipalities of Buttrio, Moimacco and Premariacco on cycle mobility, encouraging local operators.

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