SS13 - SR56

Feasibility study for redevelopment and safety of state road n.13 and regional road n.56

SS13 – SR56, 2017

Client: Regione FVG

Credits: sinergo spa (co-progettisti), En.Ar.Plan srl (co-progettisti)


The study aims to redevelop and secure the SS13 state road and the SR56 regional road, in the sections that cross the provinces of Pordenone, Udine and Gorizia. Following a careful interpretation of the existing and of the landscape crossed, using analysis methods such as the "Safety Review", we wanted to adopt an innovative approach of dividing the infrastructures into "types of homogeneous sections", which define their characteristics. main identity cards, grouping them substantially into four categories: Strada Mercato, Strada Parco, Strada Constrata and Strada Turistica.

By identifying the main critical issues and in relation to the type of stretch considered, the most suitable and decisive interventions were identified. The intuition was to put into shape the close interrelation of critical issues and related intervention strategies in relation to the four types of stretch through a "Strategic Matrix".

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