strada del mobile

Feasibility study for the definition of interventions related to the 7th lot of the Mobile road for the realization of a connection with the SS13 in the territorial area between the municipal territories of Azzano Decimo, River Veneto and Zoppola

Azzano Decimo, Fiume Veneto, Zoppola, 2017

Client: Regione FVG

Credits: Sinergo spa (co-progettisti), En.Ar.Plan srl (co-progettisti)


The feasibility study aims to solve the current critical area resulting from the poor functioning of the road connection between the S.P.9, “Strada Del Mobile” and the SS13 in Azzano Decimo and Fiume Veneto Municipal
areas. The study proposed two design solutions, which besides creating a geometric-functional path complying with the current legislation ought to retrain the urban centres crossed.

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