Design of green works and new infrastructure systems for the redevelopment of the Bovedo forest.

Trieste, 2018

The regular mesh of the fields is proposed in the project area in memory of the agricultural mesh that in the past characterized the landscape of Barcola, dividing the park into rooms. "The few inhabitants of ancient Valcula were farmers and vintners, halfway up the hill."

The Bosco del Bovedo enters the park becoming a "offshoot of the sea" characterized by indigenous tree and shrub species to define areas of dense forest, shaded areas, equipped forest.

A plot of irregular blocks overlaps and breaks the regular one of the fields, defining paths and marking the rooms of the new park. "In 1887 fragments of a Roman mosaic were found, characterized by the technique of "scutulatum" decoration, a floor in which irregular stone scutulae are inserted into the base.