via sauro e piazza del municipio

Extraordinary maintenance work of the Town Hall Square and via Nazario Sauro

Gorizia (GO) 2014-2015

Services provided: Planning - Work supervision - Safety coordination

Clients: IrisAcqua S.r.l. e Comune di Gorizia

Credits: geol. G. C. Celotto (geological analysis), GeA Geofisica Applicata & C. S.a.s. (georadar mapping), Globart srl (geomatics and topography)

Photo credit: © Gianna Omenetto

The project included the restoring and recovery of the existing historical porphyry paving the overall access path to Gorizia. Via Sauro is one of the main traffic arteries in the city centre with about 10,000 vehicles a day.

The technical design kept in mind the traditional methods of laying flooring to locate new areas of the road and public space.